135 - Web 3 is coming - Be ready!


November short PHP 8 tutorials have been scheduled. These include

Phase 1 howtocodewell.fm features have been defined. Watch me build these live on Twitch on Sundays at 14:35 GMT

I'm planning a new PHP 8 course.  I'm planning and creating this course live on YouTube on Tuesday evenings at 18:00 GMT

In the news 

1) PHPStan 1.0 has been released

This release includes level 9 and a series of opt in features such as


2) Jason Citron the CEO and founder of Discord teased a tweet showing an ETH integration to Discord. https://twitter.com/jasoncitron/status/1457841222995693570

3) A new Reddit employee who works on the Crypto team tweeted a long thread regarding blockchain integration with the Reddit network


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