147 - How to fix a bug

Change log 

- Yesterday I gave a talk about PHPStan and code confidence to PHP South West 

- I’m going to give the talk again:  

The Symfony user group in Portugal on the 22nd of Feb  

North West Drupal User group on the 8th of March 

- On Tuesday we fixed a unit test which turned out to be a larger issue than I expected and uncovered a big code smell which I need to fix in the coming evenings.  

- I did a YouTube, Twitter and Discord poll about stopping the music whilst live coding.  I will leave the poll going until the end of the week but so far it looks like you lot prefer silence when I code.

The stages of bug fixing 

  1. Investigation and discovery
  2. Testing and verification
  3. Fixing
  4. Testing and verification
  5. Deployment

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