Effective Teaching

Season: 2 Episode: 12 Published: 22nd March 2019

Olivia Liddell

Being able to effectively teach and train members of your web development team is a vital skill to have. Not only do we need to communicate your code changes to other developers but you may also need to help the end users to learn the new features that you have developed. You will also need to convey technical issues to non technical members of the team with out being patronising, overly negative and aggressive.

In today's podcast episode I am joined by Olivia Liddell cloud training specialist at Cloudbakers. Olivia gave a fantastic key note talk at the Sunshine PHP conference 2019: Think Like a Trainer: Strategies for Improving Your Communication Skills

Olivia is a former Chicago Public Schools teacher who now specialises in technology training and change management. She is passionate about teaching, mentoring, and distance running.

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