Binomial Making Better Web VR

Season: 2 Episode: 24 Published: 14th June 2019

Stephanie Hurlburt

Today Stephanie Hurlburt is my guest on the How To Code Well podcast.

Stephanie is the co owner of Binomial ( which makes the image and texture compression product called Basis.

Basis is greatly improving compression speed, file size and performance of images and their textures. This will vastly improve how images are handled on the web, on the desktop, in computer games and within virtual reality.

Find out more at

We also discuss the current state of virtual reality in 2019 and what might be coming in the future of VR.

Stephanie talks about her background and how she got into coding. She also shares some great advice for junior developers getting into the industry. Other topics we that we cover include freelancing, managing a business, pricing structures and more.

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