Google CSS Developer Relations

Season: 2 Episode: 30 Published: 2nd August 2019

Adam Argyle

Adam Argyle is my guest on today's How To Code Well podcast and talks about working in CSS developer relations at Google Chrome.

Adam talks about his background in web development and how his career has progressed at Google.  We also discuss the future of the web, how CSS is evolving and what Google Chrome features are coming soon.

Adam has worked at Google for many years but has recently started work in CSS Developer relations at Google Chrome. We talk about about his day to day roles and responsibilities and what projects he is working on.

We also discuss the benefits of using the JAMstack for portfolios and how PWA's (Progressive Web Apps) are changing how developers are building mobile applications. 

Adam gives some great examples of the benefits that Houdini will offer to frontend web developers and offers some fantastic advice for developers looking to work at Google.

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