Ghost The Professional Publishing Platform

Season: 2 Episode: 35 Published: 30th August 2019

David Darnes

David Darnes joins me on the How To Code Well podcast to talk about the features of Ghost, the professional publishing platform.

Ghost is a versatile publication platform that is used by well known companies and household names such as CloudFlare, Open Collective, Mozilla, Free Code Camp, Emojipedia and more.

David explains the many features of Ghost including integrations with other systems and systems stacks (JAMStack), the development flow, API functionality, media control and more.

We discuss how decoupled the Ghost platform is and how you could use Ghost with systems like Gatsby, 11ty and other JAMStack tooling.

Before working at Ghost David was working on anchor CMS, Wordpress, BaseKit and graphic design. 

We also discuss the differences between Ghost and other publication platforms such as WordPress and Medium.

Ghost are currently looking to hire a visual designer

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