Working On Legacy Code

Season: 2 Episode: 36 Published: 6th September 2019

Anna Filina

Anna Filina joins me on the How To Code Well podcast to talk about working on legacy code. We discuss the pros and cons of working on legacy code and what the term 'legacy code' actually means. Anna is a speaker, Youtuber and consultant who specialises in legacy code. We delve into Anna's coding background and discuss how Anna started in game development and progressed into web development.

We also talk about how Anna became a speaker and what topics she talks about. Anna will be talking about Effortless Software Development at Bulgaria PHP on November 9th, 2019 Check Anna's website for more detailsĀ 

Anna is a Code Archaeologist and we focus on her experiences with code discovery and code archaeology. I ask Anna how to improve legacy code and why she prefers working on legacy systems than new projects.

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