Beachcasts Programming Tutorial Videos On YouTube and Twitch

Season: 2 Episode: 44 Published: 1st November 2019

Adam Culp

Adam Culp joins me on the How To Code Well podcast to talk about Beachcasts tutorial videos on Twitch and YouTube.

Adam and I both teach programming and web development on Twitch and YouTube. Adam first came on the podcast in episode 5 and back then his Beachcasts channel was very new.  Since then his YouTube channel and live coding on Twitch has gained popularity.

We talk about content creation on these platforms and discuss the pros and cons of teaching code.

Adam is also a well known PHP speaker and has given a lot of talks recently. We talk about about the subjects he speaks about and which conferences he is speaking at next.

Adam is also the organiser of Sunshine PHP a conference in Florida and we talk about what to expect at next years conference.

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