19 Ways To Save Time While Learning To Code

Season: 3 Episode: 59 Published: 14th February 2020

Peter Fisher

Here are 19 ways to save time while learning to code. This is a list for both junior and senior web developers looking to improve their programming skills quickly and efficiently.

The quick run down

  1. Know where the resources are
  2. Know who to ask
  3. Know how to ask a question
  4. Know where the errors are reported
  5. Set up your working environment correctly
  6. Ask for help
  7. Have a plan and stick to it
  8. Don't over architect the solution
  9. Don't over complicate the problem
  10. Don't over abstract OOP
  11. Keep backups
  12. Learn how to use source control
  13. Don't learn frameworks without learning HTML, JavaScript and CSS first
  14. Don't cram study time
  15. Don't put too much faith in online influencers just because they have a big audience
  16. Distance yourself from online drama
  17. Don't code when you're tired
  18. Don't code when you're emotional 19 .....

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