19 Web Development Misconceptions

Season: 3 Episode: 60 Published: 21st February 2020

Peter Fisher

Today I want to talk about 19 web development misconceptions. Checkout the How To Code Well Amazon store

  1. Women can't code
  2. Women code better on the frontend
  3. Web development is getting easier
  4. You need a degree to be a professional web developer
  5. You need a Computer Science degree to be a programmer
  6. A software engineer is different to a software developer
  7. Frontend developers are not software engineers
  8. You can't be a web developer after you're 30 years old
  9. Vue is better than React
  10. React is better than Vue
  11. PHP is better than Python
  12. Python is better than PHP
  13. Programmers with larger online audiences always speak the truth
  14. You must use a framework
  15. You need expensive equipment to be a web developer
  16. You can't code on a tablet
  17. You need internet access to learn to code
  18. Programmers are hoddie wearing hackers with social issues
  19. You are less of a programmer if don't code every day. Let me know if you agree with on the HTCW Discord server

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