19 Working From Home Tips

Season: 3 Episode: 63 Published: 13th March 2020

Peter Fisher

Due to Covid-19 more people are being told to work from home. I have been a remote developer for 8 years and today I want to discuss 19 tips for working at home.

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Here are 20 tips for working at home:

  1. Don't work on the sofa in front of a TV
  2. Don't work in the kitchen
  3. Limit your distractions
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Take regular breaks
  6. Get a big desk
  7. Get a good chair
  8. Keep your desk/office tidy
  9. Make sure you have good lighting
  10. Make sure you have good internet access
  11. Don't watch or listen to the news all of the time
  12. Set yourself as in active when you're on lunch
  13. Mute high noise slack channels
  14. Have and keep routines
  15. The office water cooler and breakout rooms can be replaced with walking the dog or doing light house work.
  16. Go for walks
  17. Create a room that is solely for your work
  18. Over communicate
  19. Commit and merge code regularly

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