How To Code Well Sponsorship

Would you like to promote your message and brand to thousands of developers on a weekly basis? If you think that the How To Code Well audience is a good fit for your brand then get in touch.

Hosted by Peter Fisher the How To Code Well podcast is an interview based audio and video show for web developers and programmers with guests that cover all areas of the web development industry.

Audience Interests

Our audience has a very diverse set of interests in web development. From backend to frontend development as well as management and devops.

Technical interests

The audience caters for a wide range of technical topics such as:

  • PHP, Python, Ruby, Go
  • CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Frameworks and libraries
  • Docker, kubernetes and Linux
  • Micro frameworks, serverless and devops
  • Mobile apps
  • Testing, software architectures and good practices
  • Developments, CI, CD and work flows

Interests in web development career progression and soft skills

The audience has a keen interest in career progression, improving their development journey as well as levelling up their soft skills.

  • Recommendations of developer learning resources
  • Industry advice from leaders in the field
  • Communication and management skills
  • Career progression from development to management and visa versa
  • Developer conferences and events
  • Developer books and videos

Not just a standard podcast


Please get in touch for pricing and availability.

What you get in return

Typically each sponsor will get the following:

  • A sponsorship spot at the top of show notes. This is shown in the YouTube video description and episode page on the website. This is great for links to your product or services.
  • A single intro line "This episode is sponsored by ..... " at the start of the show
  • A 1-2 minute sponsor slot midway through the video
  • Promotion on the How To Code Well social media accounts with a link to your product or service

Get in touch

Please send an email if you are interested in sponsoring and working together with How To Code Well